If you’re a WordPress fan and you want to focus on eCommerce with a SEO and Content Marketing angle then WooCommerce will let you hit the deck running. 1. SSH into your server as the user that will be running WP-CLI. This will take you to a page that shows the last version of the page in HTML. Just as a demonstration, I’m going to create one page that’s going to be my “Membership Area Homepage” and one page acting as a sub-area. The core of any membership site on WordPress is obviously the content that’s available exclusively to the members.

  • Select the What to copy tab
  • Locate and access your WordPress root folder
  • Choosing a WordPress e-commerce plugin or theme (WooCommerce will work just fine)
  • Login to your HostGator cPanel
  • After the page refreshes, then click “Activate License”
  • Switch back to AdSense

The next step on our list is creating a custom menu that’s going to display all of our membership links. This is done in the Profile Builder | Custom Redirects section. This is done in Profile Builder | Modules. In order to make this step work, we’re going to have to enable some additional modules in the Profile Builder plugin. So to make this happen, go to Profile Builder | User Email Customizer.

This section allows you to customize messages for different registration scenarios, like: default registration, registration with email confirmation, registration with admin approval, user approval notification, password reset email, and a couple more. Customizing those messages is a must-do to give your members a really optimized experience and make them feel welcome from day one. Most of the time, the majority of the work is going to be handled by one person/administrator anyway.

However, instead of making it a simple menu, speed up wordpress site we’re actually going to display certain links based on the membership status of the person currently viewing the site. Now the fun part – making the subpages available based on membership levels. I think that this part of the job is still best done from within the wp-admin. I think they are like little frogs in a pot of water, slowing being boiled, but not noticing.

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